For Mums and Dads

7th of September, 2014

Dear Parents,

Starting nursery school is an exciting time for young children. It is also a stressful time. We would like to ensure a positive transition from home to nursery for your child, in order to accomplish this we need your co-operation.

As adults we are in control of our world and make our own decisions about our life. Our children rely on us to make decisions that impact their lives positively. Our philosophy is to educate the whole child. Therefore, we need to consider the impact that starting nursery school will have on your child’s social emotional well being.

It’s in the best interest of your child to feel safe in a new environment. In order to accomplish this, your child needs time to adjust.

We have established a policy for transitioning from home to nursery. If your child has never attended nursery school she/he will need an adjustment period for the first week.

The adjustment period for children enrolled at Little Gemz, Kidz Link, and Smart Starters will be achieved in conjunction with a family member.

A family member will attend nursery school with your child for the first two days. Both your child and family member will remain at nursery school for duration of two hours. The family member and your child will leave together after two hours.

On the third day of nursery school your child will stay unaccompanied for two hours.

By the fourth day of nursery school your child can attend unaccompanied for a full day.

If you have any questions regarding our home to nursery transition policy, please don’t hesitate to ask.

All the best,
Little Gemz, Smart Starters, Kidz Link